Stowarzyszenie Źródła i Inspiracje Akademia Muzyczna w Krakowie

Programme of I Percussion Festival (2003)

10 April (Thursday)

10:00 - Workshops - Selected problems of the marimba and vibrafone technique and improvisation in contemporary music

13:00 - Video presentations - Construction of percussion instruments. New materials of Percussion Art Society

19:00 - Concert "Shades of Marimba"

11 April (Friday)

10:00 - Workshops - Basler Trommeln, rudiments of playing technique, ethnic instruments

12:00 - Workshops - Conga and afro-cuban instruments

19:00 - Concert "Percussion Theatre - "Music of the Sources"

12 April (Saturday)

10:00 - Workshops - The newest teaching techniques of playing jazz set (with live video)

13:00 - Discussion about problems of educating contemporary drummers from the perspective of the requirements of labour market. Does a music school educate artists or prepare for the profession?

19:00 - Concert "And the Rhythm Created Them"